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Spotlight MSED

Key Insights into Lifelong Learning and the Field of Education

Meet Dr. Kelly Kingsley, seasoned online instructor in the Master of Science in Education – Curriculum and Instruction program at Peru State College Online. With over 30 years in the teaching profession, with the past six years at the collegiate level, Dr. Kingsley shares her perspectives on lifelong learning, earning your master’s online and why teaching is “the best career you could ever have.”

Why Starting an Online Master’s in Education this Fall is a Smart Move

Why Starting an Online Master’s in Education this Fall is a Smart Move

Teachers everywhere are getting ready for a school year like none other. Whether returning to the classroom or teaching online the upcoming semester, thank you for your dedication.

This fall is also an ideal time to consider your own future. With online learning taking a front seat for so many busy adults in need of flexible education, why not get started on your online master’s degree in education? It’s the best way to keep moving forward toward your goals, and stay healthy and safe doing it.

Earning a Master of Science in Education Could Boost Your Career

Why Earning A Master of Science in Education Could Be The Best Move for Your Career

Peru State College, Nebraska’s first college, is excited to announce a 20-year milestone in serving students 100 percent online.

The College’s early adaptation to online education in 1999 exemplifies the innovative backbone of a college founded more than 150 years ago and regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission since 1915.