Peru State College Online News

Peru State College Celebrates 20 Years in Online Education

August 3, 2020

Peru State College, Nebraska’s first college, is excited to announce a 20-year milestone in serving students 100 percent online. 

20 Reasons Why Peru is For You

August 4, 2020

At Peru State College, the past 20 years of educating students online have been amazing. It’s been such a rewarding progression as we’ve grown to fully understand how to make our online learning environment a home for those needing a better way to fit education into their lives.  

5 Questions to Ask When Transferring to an Online College

July 30, 2020

Considering switching to an online university to keep yourself safely distanced? Schedule making it tough to attend class in person at a specified time? Or maybe you’re just not feeling good about your current situation and are intrigued, instead, by the quality experience found today with online degrees.