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Is a Flexible Online Degree for You?

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Flexible Online Degree for You
May 20, 2020

Step aside financial aid. A recent Google survey showed flexibility as the number one motivator for students searching for college education. And with the convenience factor already drawing more than 6 million students to online higher education, that number is on track to keep on growing. 

Here are a few more facts …

  • Of the 6 million online learners, almost half are educated exclusively through online learning (no brick and mortar classes at all).
  • 77% of online students enroll in their programs to help them reach career and employment goals.
  • Student satisfaction with online learning is high – overall, 94% say it has, or will have, a positive ROI.
  • 95% would recommend online education to others.
  • And 85% of students think that online learning is the same or better than the traditional classroom experience.

What those percentages tell us is that online degrees are highly accepted and sought out in today’s world. Its popularity, even before the recent need for physically distancing ourselves, revolves around earning quality education in a more flexible manner. Read on for more specifics …

1. It’s convenient. 

Online education allows you to set the pace and time of day for your studies. Early morning to late at night, you choose the best time to focus on your coursework. Some online colleges do not have a set time during the day when you are required to login, which gives you more latitude. You’ll find  that by achieving a comfortable balance of work, family and studies, there’s no need to let important priorities slide. 

2. It’s accessible. 

You can study from anywhere in the world, without having to commute or follow a rigid schedule. This “portable” learning is accessible from wherever you choose, as long as there’s an internet connection. On top of the time savings, you also save on gas money, which can now be spent on other priorities. 

3. It allows for a customized learning experience. 

Online classes tend to be smaller than conventional class size, which creates a more engaging environment among the students and instructor. There’s often access to very diverse material, such as videos and eBooks. And discussion boards and interactive forums can be integrated to create an experience tailor-made for you.  

4. It enables networking with no geographic boundaries.

Because classes can be filled with students from virtually all over the country, and sometimes the world, you get to interact with people of varied cultures and experiences. Having this broad network keeps class discussions interesting, and can potentially open up doors down the road.

Are you considering whether an online degree is for you? Whether you’re graduating high school or are a working professional wanting to advance, distance learning is a great option to explore for a flexible education that produces solid outcomes. 

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