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Opportunities in Business with an Online Education

Meet Christy Hutchison, J.D., Peru State College Online business professor. With more than 16 years of teaching experience at the collegiate level, Hutchison shares her perspectives on career opportunities in this field and offers tips on how students can get the most out of their online learning experience.

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Careers with a Public Administration College Education

Have you considered a career in the public sector, to help keep the wheels of government turning? Public sector employees arrive at their jobs each day on a mission to carry out programs and perform the services that the government provides. Their work can be uniquely rewarding, allowing them to contribute to society by assisting their fellow citizens both directly and indirectly.

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6 Tips for Convincing Your Employer to Pay for Education

Corporate tuition assistance – whether through an upfront employer contribution or employee reimbursement – is a long-established education benefit. In fact, did you know that 92% of U.S. employers offer some sort of educational benefit1, but nearly half of consumers don’t ask their employer to help pay for learning costs2?

6 Industries Ideal for Public Administration Degree Holders

6 Industries Ideal for Public Administration Degree Holders

Particularly in times like these, career paths in public administration catch the interest of many who want to make a strong impact in their communities and country. It’s a field that revolves around public policy and covers not only government civil service, but a number of other promising industries.