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7 Industries with Jobs Ideal for Public Administration Graduates

Written by: Peru State   •  Jul 21, 2020

Here are six areas to consider that have a public administration component, while you decide which education and career path is right for you …

  1. Federal Government
    Public administration goes hand-in-hand with governmental service. If you are interested in finding a career that makes an impact on national policies and citizens, and provides a stable work environment with federal benefits – a degree in public administration could be the answer. At the government level, prospective graduates may find careers working for environmental services, financial services, transportation, tax, legislation, regulatory agencies, mail services and occupational health groups. 
  2. Local and State Government
    Some of our nation’s brightest leaders work for the public good in cities and municipalities across the country. Having a degree in public administration could prepare you for a career working with highway planning, rural development or even socioeconomic research. If you have an interest in pursuing careers at this level, a public administration degree can be an excellent place to start.  
  3. Health Care
    Health care is another industry where a public administration degree can add value in areas like budgeting, management, communication, and advocating for better health care and the protection of patient rights. When new health care policies and other treatment regulations are being developed, professionals band together to determine the most reasonable regulations. And as a graduate in public administration, you could play a role in the creation and implementation of these new policies. 
  4. Business
    Within all kinds of businesses, public-facing professions, such as public relations specialists and marketing analysts, are potential career opportunities. Human resources, workplace safety, training and development, and budgeting are also possible roles for those working in both public organizations and non-profit agencies. Depending on what you are looking for, there are many positions where a public administration degree would be an asset.
  5. Communications
    A public administration degree is a top choice for those who want careers in communications. Media specialists, broadcast analysts and news analysts are some of the potential career paths within this discipline. Having the skills to actively investigate and communicate stories to the public can be essential in this field, with various policies and regulations at the forefront of national and local news. If you want to be front and center, researching and writing speeches or speaking to the public on behalf of your organization – you may be a great fit in this specialization.
  6. Social Services
    Social services is an area with many regulations and policies set forth by state and national governments. Individual service agencies, such as housing, food, medical and mental health agencies, seek professionals with leadership and policy knowledge to help operate their facilities. Many public administration degree programs train students to understand how facilities operate in a regulated environment and what to do in the event of an error. Management positions in human services, administrative positions on policy boards, and team member roles in planning and development are often available to individuals with this degree.

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