Month: August 2020

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A teacher leaning on a desk in a classroom with students working.

Benefits of a Master’s Degree in Education

Becoming an educator is one of the most noble career paths an individual can pursue. The role is so much more than just teaching students facts, figures and basic concepts. It’s about helping students discover their own pathway by guiding them, mentoring them, and connecting interpersonally with them. It’s about shaping the children of today into the successful adults of tomorrow.

Celebrating 20 Years of Online Education and Degree Programs

20 Reasons Why Peru is For You

At Peru State College, the past 20 years of educating students online have been amazing. It’s been such a rewarding progression as we’ve grown to fully understand how to make our online learning environment a home for those needing a better way to fit education into their lives.

In recognition of our 20-year journey so far, we’d like to share 20 reasons why Peru really is for you.

Celebrating 20 Years Online

Peru State College Celebrates 20 Years in Online Education

Nebraska’s first college, is excited to announce a 20-year milestone in serving students 100 percent online. The College’s early adaptation to online education in 1999 exemplifies the innovative backbone of a college founded more than 150 years ago and regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission since 1915.