Month: June 2020

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Online College Degrees with Portable Careers For Military Spouses

5 Portable Careers for Military Spouses

For military spouses, frequent change is part of life with erratic schedules and relocations that can come up at any time. While being part of the military community is rewarding in itself, this unique way of life can make earning a degree and enjoying a career challenging.

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Exploring Online Degree Program Options

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Exploring Online Degree Options

First, if you’re reading this, that means you’re already making a smart move in looking into online learning. So a big shout out to you for that! To help you further your search, avoid some of the more common missteps, and ensure smooth sailing from here, read on …

A marketing manager leads a team meeting

What Can You Do With a Marketing Career?

Marketing is a dynamic profession that attracts both communicators and analytical minds. Given the size of the industry — media firm GroupM estimates that global spending on marketing exceeds $1 trillion each year — marketing offers extensive career opportunities to anyone seeking a niche in the profession.

Master’s in Organizational Management vs. MBA

Even in the very best of times, it’s no secret that higher education can result in better career options, higher salary, and less chance of unemployment. True to this scenario, for 2019, it was reported that workers with graduate degrees had the lowest unemployment rates and the highest earnings.

National Higher Education Day

National Higher Education Day: Appreciating Students and Educators

With National Higher Education Day on June 6th, the value of all college education, both online and brick and mortar, is in the spotlight. It’s also a good time to give a special nod to online education, during a period when quality learning the more flexible way has earned even deeper appreciation than before.