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Peru State College: Nebraska’s First College

Peru State College opened in 1867 as a teacher-training school. It operated out of one building and had just 60 students. In the 150+ years since, the College has expanded and transformed in ways its founders could never have imagined.

Today, Peru State offers a variety of high-quality undergraduate and graduate degree programs to almost 2,500 students. Peru State College Online, our robust, innovative distance learning platform, means that those students are no longer just Nebraskans – they live,work and study all around the world.

All our students, whether they study on campus or online, are part of the supportive Peru State College community. They earn the same degrees, have access to the same resources, and all enjoy our ‘one rate, any state’ tuition guarantee.

Nationally recognized for quality and value.

Our Mission

In educating the individual to the benefit of society, Peru State College cultivates the capacity and propensity for life-long learning by fostering independent inquiry and promoting the value of knowledge and discovery. Through innovative undergraduate and graduate programs, Nebraska’s first college continues its commitment to making a vital contribution to the future of the region and the state.

Our Vision

Peru State College will be renowned for transforming student lives through personal and engaging educational experiences.

Our Values

Peru State College lives its mission and vision through engagement in the classroom, engagement across campus, and engagement in the region and beyond while valuing:

We proudly celebrate our history as Nebraska’s first college, our heritage of educating all students, and our tradition of achievement by students, alumni, faculty, and staff. We cherish the stately Campus of a Thousand Oaks entrusted to us.

We pursue excellence through best practices and innovation in scholarship, teaching, research, and student development. We commit to providing exceptional facilities and resources supporting an engaged collegiate experience.

We recognize resilience as a key factor in success. We provide support and encouragement to achieve high standards by cultivating passion and perseverance.

We embrace unity as a diverse and inclusive community. We believe in creating a culture of respect, mutual support, and understanding. We lead and model this culture on campus, in the region, and around the world.

Our Goals

No matter which program a Peru State College student enrolls in, our dedicated faculty and staff strive to impart:

• Effective communications skills
• Computer and information literacy    
• Independent critical thought and intellectual capacity for change    
• Preparation to assume social and civic leadership roles    
• The ability to pursue intellectually, ethically, aesthetically and physically rewarding lives

Accreditation and Memberships

Peru State College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, and has been since 1915. In 2012, Peru State College received continuing accreditation from the Commission for the next 10 years.

Peru State College has continuing accreditation by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. Full membership is maintained in the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education and the American Council on Education.

The College is also a charter member of the Nebraska Council on Teacher Education. Peru State College is a member institution of the Nebraska State College System.


As a Peru State College student, you’ll have access to free academic resources designed to help you succeed. When you need a tutor, study materials or assistance taking the next step in your career, Peru State has you covered.