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3 Top Reasons Teachers Pursue Their Master’s in Education

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3 Top Reasons Teachers Pursue Their Master’s in Education
April 7, 2020

Teachers improve lives every day. Not a lot of other professions can say the same about directly influencing our future generation of leaders and contributors. But if you happen to be in this noble profession, what about you

A bachelor’s degree launched your teaching career, and a master’s will take it even further. And with convenient, online learning making advanced education achievable for working teachers, your Master of Science in Education (MSED) is a credential well within reach.

Here are three big reasons to pursue your online master’s in education.

1. Be a better teacher. You’ll learn more fully about your role as an educator, and how the administrative system works. Along with a solid grasp on advanced teaching methods and the theories behind them, you’ll be able to tell which systems are most effective in the classroom and why. You’ll hone your abilities and bring these new tools into your classroom to assist students at all levels. Your students will benefit from your advanced skills and methods, as well as seeing their teacher push toward higher education. Setting that example is a side benefit that will make a positive impact on students, family and friends alike.

2. Advance your career. Earning your master’s carries a lot of weight in the education field, with schools looking for teachers passionate about making an impact. Advanced education demonstrates this commitment, and can help you lead school-wide change and be an even more effective educator. Having your master’s credential on your CV or resume will also make you an attractive candidate when exploring new teaching opportunities.

3. Earn a higher salary. Your master’s in education is your ticket for higher compensation – and who doesn’t like higher pay? After a teacher earns his or her master’s degree, schools will typically offer between a 5% and 14% pay increase, depending on the state and school district. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, that translates into an average of $11,490 more annually for master’s degree holders versus teachers with just a bachelor’s degree.

So, with a whole lot to gain, what’s in your way? As mentioned before, online master’s degrees are a great option for teachers who need the flexibility of studying when and where it fits into their busy day. And there are a number of tuition assistance options out there to explore, to help lower the cost of education. Scholarships, financial aid, military education benefits, and loan forgiveness programs are a few. Plus, some schools will even pay for your continued education, so be sure to ask your employer if this is a benefit they offer.

With summer just around the corner, what better time to get started with a program. Get your feet wet now, so by the time the new teaching year rolls around, you’re well underway with your own routine of studying and learning. If you’re diligent, you’ll be finished in less than two years and ready to take your career exactly where you choose. 

For information on the Master of Science in Education offered by Peru State College Online, visit peru.edu/graduate/msed.